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Apex-Roleplay is a non-profit, Semi-Serious Half-Life 2 and Black-Mesa Roleplay community.

Nova - Almost all the Transit System
Vingard - The scripted sequences

Hi everyone, sorry about this update being a bit late out; we've been doing some last minute fixes and changes. In this update we are going to show you the whole transit system (with stops edited out). Please note this is WORK IN PROGRESS. It shows how we have added ambient events to make it feel less boring and how we have improved the look of all the stations.


Turn on Closed Captions for developer commentary. I highly recommend reading the commentary, it has lots of cool information.

Thanks for sticking with us.
Hello, as Apex is managing so many projects we are always looking to expand our development team. We are looking for people to come and work on our projects with us, anyone with the following skills can PM me on the forums for a developer interview. The skills we are looking for and requirements are listed below, please note this role should not be applied for if you are looking for monetary gain as this is a non-profit community.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Gmod Lua Programmers
  • Hammer Level Designers
  • HTML, CSS or Javascript Programmers
  • PHP scripters.
  • Talented Photoshop artists
  • Technical Experience
  • Source Film Maker animators and artists

  • Dedicated community member
  • Have a microphone and the ability to use Teamspeak
  • Be a trustworthy person
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Be mature
  • Understanding of technology in general

  • Developer rank
  • Play and create our game modes
  • You can pick beta testers
  • Speak with Staff Members
  • Copies of work that we don't use
  • Access to a Development server
  • Lifetime benefactor
  • Guaranteed love from the community
If you fall into these any of categories and are interested, contact me and Nova via a Private Message on the forums.

Thank you.
Hi everyone. As you may have noticed a trophy system has been implemented, this trophy system replaced the old system of titles. Before titles were given based on your post count. Now they are given based on several factors. We have lot's of cool and interesting trophies for you all, and more will be coming soon.

All the trophies can be browsed below: